“The Face of a Survivor” is a video series created by Amalie Have (@scandinaviandreamgurl) in collaboration with Joanna Mikkelsen.The aim of the project is to educate on rape culture by sharing real stories from women who have experienced rape and sexual assault.

Through their stories, the women share with us - the often - severe consequences of the violence they have suffered. They also break down a number of myths that perpetuate and support rape culture, a culture that normalises sexual assault. Rape is frequently portrayed as hyper violent and committed brutally by a stranger: But in reality rape is more often committed by somebody we know and trust, in settings we are supposed to feel safe in.

These are true stories that have unfolded in Denmark.

The language is Danish, the subtitles in English.



RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE                                                                                                

As a victim of rape, you are often expected to be a victim in a certain way: Struggle in a certain way, carry yourself a certain way. Truth is that just as perpetrators have many faces, so do survivors. 

It was therefore crucial to me, that the women could portray themselves and their stories exactly as they wanted. That they own their stories, own their narratives. This means, that the women had full control of what they wanted to share, in what tempo and how detailed this was. After filming, they looked through the material and could decide what they were comfortable with being a part of the campaign.

As you can see, the women are beautifully bathed in colored light: Their favourite colors.

It may seem like a smaller detail, but it holds a lot of significance, because it gives them the power back of reclaiming their own narrative. Often when survivors are portrayed, they are portrayed as broken, grey and victims by default. But survivors are so much more than victims: They are whole human beings.



Thank you to Anastassia, Liv & Neena for sharing your stories. I am beyond grateful for your bravery. You are helping us as a society to grow and to end rape culture.                                                                                                                    

Thank you Joanna for your positive spirit, for spending late nights with me editing, for listening to me and for even saying yes to begin with.                             



I also want to thank the people who donated to the project via GoFundMe - Joanna and I have managed to keep a low budget, since we both worked on project voluntarily.                                               

Not all expenses were covered though, so if you want to donate to the project, please click HERE.